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#ManagerTeam NameScore
1 Solaiman kabir santo Pride In Battle 7,050 Compare arrows
2 Ershadul Haque Dragon xi 6,625 Compare arrows
3 Safat Mohammad TALISMAN 6,511 Compare arrows
4 Redwan Ul Haque Dark Horse of Fantasy 6,470 Compare arrows
5 Sarfaraj Md Afridi afridi72341 6,440 Compare arrows
6 Ahmed Anwar anwar701 6,407 Compare arrows
7 Manik Kundu 360 degree 6,400 Compare arrows
8 Ruslan Riasat All Guns Blazing 6,115 Compare arrows
9 সাকিবিয়ান জাকির NUB 6,081 Compare arrows
10 Tanjil Ahmed tanjil.aiub19 6,053 Compare arrows
11 Muhammad Gazi Rakib Legends Of The Fall 5,981 Compare arrows
12 Mahmud Hassan Joti Mahmud 7586 5,944 Compare arrows
13 Tamzeed Ashraf Romit Sylhet Galaxy 5,942 Compare arrows
14 Farhan Ishrak Farhan's XI 5,929 Compare arrows
15 Syed Mohammad Musabbir আই নোয়াইল্লা 5,885 Compare arrows
16 Satto kundu Satto's XI 5,827 Compare arrows
17 Aniket Amit iamitanik94 5,807 Compare arrows
18 Jahid Rahman Darchini XI 5,782 Compare arrows
19 Safat Mohammad PHANTOM 5,780 Compare arrows
20 TZ Limat Mymensingh Royal Bengals 5,760 Compare arrows
21 Towkir Ahmed The Lycians 5,615 Compare arrows
22 Mahedi Hasan mahedi.hasan6397 5,426 Compare arrows
23 Mohammed Hasib Gazi Game Of Legends 5,406 Compare arrows
24 অজি ভক্ত তপু RK Topu warriors 5,370 Compare arrows
25 Sajid Mahmood ICARUS 5,341 Compare arrows
26 Ahad Mahrez FANSPOLE FIGHTERS 5,291 Compare arrows
27 Meherun Hossen Silent Legend 5,220 Compare arrows
28 Robyet kabir king xi 5,151 Compare arrows
29 Zaker Amin Ashiq Zaker's_Warriors 5,039 Compare arrows
30 M Mahadi Hasan Hunters 4,843 Compare arrows
31 Mujahidul Alam Zudan Zudan's XI 4,714 Compare arrows
32 Ankan Biswas ab95ctg118 4,669 Compare arrows
33 Bashir Dewan The Wolf Pack 4,639 Compare arrows
34 Mamun Tanmoy The Talisman 4,570 Compare arrows
35 SK Siam Ahmed Tiger's XI 4,538 Compare arrows
36 Nazmul Ahssan Rony RonyzXl 4,499 Compare arrows
37 জাহিদুল এবিডি রিয়াদ reyadabedin2268 4,209 Compare arrows
38 Rifat Biswas Teligati Rockers 3,534 Compare arrows
39 Atiqul Haque Atique Venomous Eleven 1,709 Compare arrows
40 Muhammad Hafizul Hakim Mad Cricketers 1,262 Compare arrows
41 Al Prince RAGNAR 1,223 Compare arrows
42 সালেহ আব্দুল্লাহ সাকিব Supercharged CC 1,213 Compare arrows
Jahid Rahman's
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