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Andre   Russell   (West Indies)
Bating Avg.
Bowling Avg.
Andre Russell Statistics for T20 Cup 2016
Match R 4s/6s O M W Ct/Rt Bat Bowl Field Bonus Total
#3 Group 1 vs England Fantasy Cricket England 16 (16) 2/0 4.0 0 2 0/0 20 73 0 0 93
#9 Group 1 vs Sri Lanka Fantasy Cricket Sri Lanka 20 (8) 3/1 4.0 0 1 1/0 41 50 15 0 106
#15 Group 1 vs South Africa Fantasy Cricket South Africa 4 (8) 0/0 4.0 0 2 1/1 0 81 25 0 106
#18 Group 2 vs Afghanistan Fantasy Cricket Afghanistan 7 (9) 0/0 4.0 0 2 0/0 5 89 0 0 94
#22 Semi Final 2 vs India Fantasy Cricket India 43 (20) 3/4 4.0 0 1 0/0 94 33 0 0 127
#23 Final vs England Fantasy Cricket England 1 (3) 0/0 4.0 0 1 0/0 -1 64 0 0 63
TOTAL 91 (64) 8/5 24.0 0 9 2/1 159 390 40 0 589

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