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Sri Lanka 234 (45.1 ov, CBRLS Kumara 0*, Mustafizur Rahman 3/56) - Match over
Bangladesh won by 90 runs
Match 3 1st ODI
SL   v   BAN
Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium, Dambulla
Mar 25, Sat 2:30 PM IST
admin  Match Center - Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Match at Mar25, 2:30pm
28 days ago
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Gaurav Humbarkar  What is this admin i m trying from last 10 minutes to add team but it is showing some thing went wrong why admin
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Gaurav Humbarkar  Ha yaar deepak bro aaj mujhe paid league khelne ka tha par aaisa ho gaya
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Ashutosh Karwa   Yes same thing happening with me also. Still I am not able to build my team . Admin please do correct it fast.
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Deeban Kumar  Hi join in my gang wi vs pak code 6027350, IPL gang code 5965235 I'll join yours
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Deepak Sharma  Hello Fanspole Admin ! You are doing unfairness in giving points to bowlers. In ur Odi and T20 point system it is clearly mentioned. 1 point for each dotball for bowler. But u r not giving bowlers dot ball points from 3 months. Pls From now add dot ball points in (bowlers points) in upcoming limited overs games. Or One suggestion If u have no source of finding dot balls of bowlers. U remove dot ball points and give bowlers some points on the basis of his economy rate. For example Eco Points for T20(bowlers need to bowl minimum 2 overs) Less than 4 eco ==> 25 points Eco between 4.00 - 6.00 ==> 15 points Eco between 6.01 - 8.00 ==> 10 points Eco between 8.01 - 10.00 ==> 5 points For Odi( bowlers need to bowl minimum 6 overs) Eco less then 3 ==> 25 points Eco between 3.01 - 4.00 ==> 20 points Eco between 4.01-5.00 ==> 15 points Eco between 5.01-6.00 ==> 10 points
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Ashutosh Karwa   Hii Deepak Bro where should I join you on Facebook?
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Deepak Sharma My email id.... Enter this in searchbox and click on search button... And send me friend request if u want.
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Ashutosh Karwa   Ok Bro I'll join you. 😊😊
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Mujahidul Alam Zudan  Admin, add Mehedi Hasan Miraj to Bangladesh ODI squad.
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Deeban Kumar  Hi join in my gang wi vs pak code 6027350, IPL gang code 5965235 I'll join yours
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Don rajiv  Join league fanspole gangster nowwww
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Ameya Gawde  Add gunathilaka
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Md. Akram Hossain  @admin... Add Mehedi miraj
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Shahi   ara kau amr gang a duko.
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Shahi   Ami jitbo aber.hahaha....
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Don rajiv  Fanspole gangster... New league unleashed.. join fast.. HURRY.. CHECK THE PROFILE PIC...
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