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Sri Lanka vs South Africa Series 2017 Fantasy League Prize

Prizes for SA Vs SL 2016 are:
Rank Prize Money
1 Rs 300
2 Rs 250
3 Rs 200
4-15 Rs 100
All match points for the series are added to generate series leaderboard. The winners in this leaderboard get series prizes.
You can find series leaderboard here

Gang Prize:
Top Gang creator will receive Rs 250

Rank Prize Money
1-5 Rs 100
6-10 Rs 50
Gang points are calculated by addition of the top 10 members of gang, irrespective of the total members in that gang.
Prizes are given to the creator and members of the gang which comes first in the overall contest.
Note: Winning are added to your Fanspole Wallet and can be redeemed by any of the desired redemption options in Settings Section.
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