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#ManagerTeam NameScore
1 Moynul Abrar Adib md.moynul.abrar108 9,626 Compare arrows
2 Destructive Nakib Legend Killer 9,612 Compare arrows
3 Ejaj Uddin Ahmed Fokira Fantasy Club 9,418 Compare arrows
4 Mushfiqur Rahman Ashique ea.ashique246 9,260 Compare arrows
5 Safat Mohammad TALISMAN 9,216 Compare arrows
6 Sabbir Hassan The Avengers XI 9,207 Compare arrows
7 ইমরান খান অপু imrankhan_apu90 9,150 Compare arrows
8 Mohammad Mirazul Abedin giant 9,060 Compare arrows
9 Mohammed Hasib Gazi Game Of Legends 9,043 Compare arrows
10 Sajib Rahman Mayre Bap XI 9,018 Compare arrows
11 Tamzeed Ashraf Romit Sylhet Galaxy 8,926 Compare arrows
12 Kamrul Hasan Hridoy Team Bangladesh 8,925 Compare arrows
13 Jahid Rahman Darchini XI 8,921 Compare arrows
14 ইমতিয়াজ আহমেদ ইমু emu.imti109 8,918 Compare arrows
15 Sarfaraj Md Afridi afridi72341 8,916 Compare arrows
16 Kamrul Hasan Hridoy Bangladeshi Warriors 8,850 Compare arrows
17 অজি ভক্ত তপু RK Topu warriors 8,816 Compare arrows
18 Prattay Tirtha PBT Suffix 8,814 Compare arrows
19 Rifat Biswas Teligati Rockers 8,786 Compare arrows
20 Meherun Hossen Silent Legend 8,756 Compare arrows
21 Al-Amin Bhuiyan Visitors 8,754 Compare arrows
22 Prattay Wahab FIZZZZZZZ 8,699 Compare arrows
23 Muhammad Asaduzzaman Liton outstandinglitonii158 8,668 Compare arrows
24 Masud Rana masud120101480 8,655 Compare arrows
25 Sakif Sadman Turjo FN Champs 8,532 Compare arrows
26 Muhammad Robin Gothams Warrior 8,450 Compare arrows
27 Robyet kabir king xi 8,443 Compare arrows
28 Mahmud Hassan Joti Mahmud 7586 8,413 Compare arrows
29 Al Prince RAGNAR 8,327 Compare arrows
30 Zaker Amin Ashiq Zaker's_Warriors 8,222 Compare arrows
31 Ahad Mahrez FANSPOLE FIGHTERS 8,194 Compare arrows
32 Shafayet Rahman Sifat LyciansXI 8,076 Compare arrows
33 Muhammad Gazi Rakib Legends Of The Fall 8,035 Compare arrows
34 Asiful Islam Saikat Banglar Bagh 7,996 Compare arrows
35 Mir Omar Shaik Abir abir201917 7,929 Compare arrows
36 Safat Mohammad PHANTOM 7,873 Compare arrows
37 Tauhidul Islam Bulls Eye 7,864 Compare arrows
38 Redwan Ul Haque Cricket (Lovers+Fanatic) 7,712 Compare arrows
39 Solaiman kabir santo Pride In Battle 7,419 Compare arrows
40 Mohsin Shawon Mohsin’S X! 7,283 Compare arrows
41 Sadman Sarar Rahat The Barbarians 7,175 Compare arrows
42 TZ Limat Mymensingh Tigers 7,169 Compare arrows
43 Mirazul Raz Tigers XI 6,988 Compare arrows
44 Kamol Shah K999 6,959 Compare arrows
45 Muzahidur Rahman muzahidur1049 6,755 Compare arrows
46 Zahidur Rahman zafarmiahbubt89 6,660 Compare arrows
47 Rezwan Khan Raj Cric-IT 6,647 Compare arrows
48 Shahi Xafi With Love From BD 6,480 Compare arrows
49 Farman Islam farman.mia112 6,447 Compare arrows
50 Mamun Tanmoy The Talisman 6,326 Compare arrows
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