Fanspole - Fantasy cricket
Match 2 Group A
AUS   v   NZ
Edgbaston, Birmingham
Jun 2, Fri 2:30 PM IST
admin  Match Center - Australia vs New Zealand Match at Jun 2, 3:00pm
10 months ago
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Rezuan chowdhury  Join our group....... #ICC_Champions_Trophy Group code : 6026-2608 Join quickly... 5 members need only
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Silent_Killers  Happy with the new rule of locking teams , would surely increase the level of competition between users. Also would be fair for those who are unable to choose their teams after toss .
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jayanta maji  hi me hu jayanta
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Ashutosh Karwa   Fanspole is now world's worst Fantasy app.It is very hilarious to see the things after the latest update. I suggest u to remove the 2 worst decision of yours. i.e Locking teams before toss and Number of teams we can make Its a request to make this app as it was before. There should be only one team that we can make. Or else I QUIT FANSPOLE
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allstarsxi  ,absolutely I agree! App has become worst, The number of teams decision is worst
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Maahi   Ryt bro..
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Mandar Yawalkar 5  Hey ashutosh please join my gang in champions trophy , code - 6125405
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Md. Akram Hossain  @admin... Your locking system is very bad... Please revert to previous locking system... Otherwise I've to quit
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MOHD Shahbaz Akhter   One of my player is not playing because of ur fucking rule admin.. I joined Ltd league and his all players are playing. Do you it's a fair competition now.?? We are not god, So how we can know the teams before toss. Please change this rule as soon as possible otherwise I quit playing fanspole.
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msd77  yes admin you will have change this rule...... he is right..
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Rajesh Paul  Please change it. I will quit
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jibran munir  new Zealand will win
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Mick...  NZ wins
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Maahi   Locked
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Maahi   Match time 02:50 PM & 2:30
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Ashish Patil   Why multiple teams option Upbraided. Its very confusion
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