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We are introducing a new gameplay mode called "Predictor" to add to the fun. It is available for ODI and T20 format matches for certain series.
What is Predictor?
As the name suggests, you simply have to predict the outcome of which team will win a match.
How to play?
The flow is as follows:
  1. Predict which team is going to win.
  2. Select 2 margins:
    • Stating how many runs will your predicted team win by. (If Batting First)
    • Stating how many fewer balls will your predicted team use to win. For eg in a T20 if your team won in 18.2 overs. Then the margin is 10 balls (If Batting Second)
  3. Do this for all matches of the series and Rank Higher in Predictor Leaderboard.
Points allocated in Predictor Game Mode are as follows:
  1. For each successful predictor, you receive 2 points. For each failed predictor you get 0 points.
  2. Margin is a negative value calculated based on how close you are to the actual results.
    For eg:
    If you set Runs Margin to "10 runs" and your predicted team won by "8 runs" you will receive 8 - 10 = -2 margin points. If your predicted team won by "12 runs" you will still receive 10 - 12 = -2 margin points.
    Same Goes with Balls Margin. If you predict your team will win by "10 balls remaining" and your team won with "8 or 12 balls remaining" you will receive -2 margin points.
  3. In case of a Tie
    In T20: Outcome will be predicted based on super overs results. Runs and balls margin will be "0" you will get "0 - Your margin prediction" as your margin score.
    In ODI: No points will be given.
  4. Predictor Leaderboard is decided based on prediction points. Incase of same prediction score, the user with more margin points is ranked higher.
    For eg if UserA has prediction score of "14" and margin score of "-3" and UserB has prediction score of "14" but margin score of "-7", then UserA will be ranked higher.
Rules for Predictor Game Mode are as follows:
  1. Predictions will be locked at event starts. There will be no time changes incase of rains or other delays.
  2. You can change your prediction as many times are required before the lock time.
  3. Currently, anyone can participate in Prediction contest. In future this feature may be restricted to users above certain level.
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