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Fantasy Cricket?
What is Fantasy Cricket?
Fantasy Cricket is a cricket team management game in which you make a team of 11 players.
Team is selected based on your skills for an upcoming match before the match starts.
There are certain rules that you should follow while creating your team.
Points are awarded based on the performance of your players in the real match after the end of match.
The player with most points wins the match.
Start by creating your team of 11 players for a match. Winners for each match win Exiting Prizes.
So, use your existing skills and start winning.
How To Play
General Rules about how to play fantasy game.

Series/Tournament mode:

Series winners are decided by adding points of the matches played. Hence, to score high and be the overall series winner manage your team for each match of the series.



    Your squad size should be 11.

    To start selecting your squad: Login-> Matches-> Manage Team-> And start selecting your squad.


    Your budget for all tournaments will be 10,000,000 credits initially for each match

    Each player is allocated some price based on his playing factors. Now, in the allocated budget you are supposed to create a team of exactly 11 players such that they fit inside the budget. Hence, total budget of all players will be less than or equal to 10,000,000 credits.


    Each player you need has a price and you need to make a team of possibly your favorite players inside the given budget. That sounds good but to add to the fun here is a list of some more restriction. In your team of 11, you can have:

        Minimum 4 Batsmen.
        1 Wicket Keeper.
        Atleast 1 All-rounder
        Atleast 2 Bowlers
        Total no of Bowlers plus All-Rounders should be at least 5.
        You can not select 2 pure Wicket Keepers.If your team has 2 or more Batting Wicket Keeper one will be consider as wicket-keeper and other(s) will be consider as batsman.

    To select captain: Create a valid team in Manage Team page -> Select the captain from the dropdown box. Points of the player you selected as captain will be doubled.


    You can change your team as many times as you want as long as the resultant team is balanced and was created before time of match.

  1. What is Fantasy Cricket?
    • Fantasy Cricket is a team management game of skill in which you select your best squad and win points based on their real life performances.
  2. How to play?
    • Login/Signup on
    • Click Manage Team button for a match and Select your best squad following the creation criterias (mentioned here: ).
    • Join Free and Paid Leagues, compete with other user teams in the league and win prizes.
  3. When can I create my team?
    • You can create your team anytime before start time of the match. Match start time is mentioned clearly and team creations are locked once the match time is passed.
  4. How many times can I update my created team?
    • You can update your team as many times as you wish before the match start time. Each update changes your last update time.
  5. Can I view other user teams?
    • You can only see other user teams once the match is locked i.e after match start time.
  6. What happens if two teams have the same points?
    • Incase of a tie the user with the earliest team update time is awarded the higher rank and prize. Team update time is visible in view user team section for a match.
  7. What if it is raining?
    • It is best practice to create your teams before the mentioned match start time. The match start time may change if the match is delayed by rain, but this is not always the case.
    • If the match is abandoned by rain, the contest is cancelled no points are awarded and refunds are made to all you paid games.
  8. What happens if I select a captain?
    • Points of the player who you select as your team captain are doubled. Hence, choose your captain carefully.
  9. How much do I have to pay to play on Fanspole?
    • Playing Fantasy Cricket on Fanspole is absolutely free. You will have to pay only if you wish to play Paid Fantasy Games.
  10. Can I create multiple teams?
    • Only one team is allowed per user per match.
  1. What are compartments in Fanspole wallet?
    • Fanspole wallet into two compartments:
      1. Unused Funds:
        All the deposits you make by adding funds are transferred to this compartment. Only Unused Funds can be used to join any paid event on Fanspole.
      2. Winnings:
        The prizes you win from paid leagues and other events on Fanspole are added to Winnings compartment. You can use funds from Winnings compartment to redeem using one of the redemption options.
  2. Is compartment transfer available?
    • Yes, you can transfer money from your Winnings compartment to Unused Funds compartment but cannot do vice versa.
  3. What will happen if I do not use money in Unused Funds?
    • Your funds are safe and will be unaltered. But if they lie unused for a year, they may be forfeited.
  4. Can I transfer Unused Funds to other users?
    • No, funds once added to Unused Funds compartment cannot be withdrawn, refunded or transferred. They can only be used to play paid events on Fanspole.
  5. How much Funds can I add to Unused Funds?
    • You can add minimum Rs.10 and maximum of Rs.5000 in one transaction.
  1. How do I redeem?
    • Fanspole wallet into two compartments:
      1. You can redeem with any one of the redemptions option in Accounts -> Redemption tab. You must have authenticated your account by submitting KYC documents.
  2. What Redemption Options Do I have?
  3. You can redeem through one of the following options:
    1. Bank Transfer: NEFT transfer to your bank account submitted during authentication process. It might take upto 7 working days for a bank redemption request to be processed
    2. Mobile Recharge:You can recharge any Indian mobile number. It might take upto 3 working days for a mobile recharge redemption request to be processed. In case of failure it might take 7 working days for a refund.
    3. Flipkart Voucher: You can request for a flipkart voucher which will be mailed to your registered account email id. It might take upto 3 working days for a flipkart redemption request to be processed.
Point System
NOTE: All players earn batting, bowling and fielding points, regardless of the roles they have been assigned. All the above points get doubled for your Power Player.

Fanspole takes score data from third-party. There are occasions when dot balls data is not provided. In such cases dot balls will not be included in the final points calculation

Point System for T20
Batting Point
  • 1 point per run.
  • Runs Scored – Balls faced
  • 10 points for every 25 runs scored.
  • 3 Points for Six, 2 Points for Four, -10 points for out on duck
Bowling Point
  • 15 points for a maiden over.
  • Balls Bowled x 2 - Runs Given and 1 Point per each Dot ball
  • 25 points for every Wicket.
  • Bounus : 25 Points for 3 or more wicket 50 Points for 5 or more wicket 100 Points for 7 or more wicket
  • 15 points for each catch
  • 10 points for Stumping or Run Out
  • 50 points for the Man of the Match.
Point System for ODI
Batting Point
  • 1 point per run.
  • (Runs Scored x 1.33) – Balls faced
  • 10 points for every 25 runs scored.
  • 4 Points for Six, 2 Points for Four, -10 points for out on duck
Bowling Point
  • 10 points for a maiden over.
  • Balls Bowled - Runs Given and 1 Point per each Dot ball
  • 25 points for every Wicket.
  • Bounus : 25 Points for 3 or more wicket 50 Points for 5 or more wicket 100 Points for 7 or more wicket
  • 15 points for each catch
  • 10 points for Stumping or Run Out
  • 50 points for the Man of the Match.
Point System for TEST (scores are for the match)
Batting Point
  • 1 point per run.
  • 10 points for every 25 runs scored.
  • 5 Points for Six, 2 Points for Four, -20 points for out on duck
Bowling Point
  • 2 points for a maiden over and 1 points for an over
  • Balls Bowled x 0.5 - Runs Given
  • 25 points for every Wicket.
  • Bounus : 25 Points for 3 or more wicket 50 Points for 5 or more wicket 90 Points for 7 or more wicket 150 Points for 10 or more wicket 200 Points for 12 or more wicket300 Points for 15 or more wicket per match
  • 10 points for each catch
  • 10 points for Stumping or Run Out
  • 100 points for the Man of the Match.

Fanspole takes great care to comply with central and state legislations in India to protect users from any legal risk. All the fantasy sports games for cricket as available on our website, including the paid formats, are carefully designed to comply with applicable statutes and regulations in India.

Games of Skill

Games can be broadly classified into the following two categories:

  • Games of chance, where the winner is determined entirely by mere luck, the result is wholly uncertain and doubtful and a human being cannot apply his/her mind to estimate the result or his/her efforts to influence the result. Generally, such games are illegal as constituting gambling.
  • Games of skill, where, skill plays the dominant role and the result depends primarily upon the relative knowledge, training, attention, experience, and/or adroitness of the participants. Generally, such games are not deemed to constitute ‘gambling’ and do not fall foul of the laws prohibiting gambling.

For a game to be considered a ‘game of skill’ under Indian law, the element of skill must predominate the element of chance in affecting the results of the game. Thus, the extent to which skill is involved in the game is the key factor in the determination of the nature and legality of the game under Indian law.

Accordingly, games such as Rummy, Chess, Carrom and Wagering on Horse Races have been recognised by the courts in India as games of skill.

Indian Law on Gambling

The principal legislation governing gambling in India is the Public Gambling Act, 1867 (“PGA”). The PGA criminalises the act of ‘gambling’ in a public forum and the keeping of a ‘common gaming house’. The PGA, however, creates an important exception in favour of games of skill, by stating that the provisions of the PGA shall [not] be held to apply to any ‘game of mere skill’ wherever played.

In determining whether a given game or contest is a game of skill or chance, Indian courts have adopted the standard of assessing the ‘dominant factor’ of a game. The two most important Indian cases in this regard are State of Andhra Pradesh v. K Satyanarayana (AIR 1968 SC 825) (the “Satyanarayana” case) and KR Lakshmanan v. State of Tamil Nadu (AIR 1996 SC 1153) (the “Lakshmanan” case).

In the Satyanarayana case, the Supreme Court defined a ‘game of mere skill’ to mean a game “in which, although the element of chance necessarily cannot be entirely eliminated, success depends principally upon the superior knowledge, training, attention, experience and adroitness of the player.” By application of this definition, the Supreme Court held that the game of rummy was a game of skill, and did not amount to gambling under the PGA. While upholding the levy of a nominal service charge for provision of a physical space, cards, etc., to play a game of rummy, the Court reasoned:

"Rummy...... requires certain amount of skill because the fall of the cards has to be memorised and the building up of Rummy requires considerable skill in holding and discarding cards. We cannot, therefore, say that the game of Rummy is a game of entire chance. It is mainly and preponderantly a game of skill."

In the Lakshmanan case, the Supreme Court held that the betting on horse races was a game of skill. It rationalised that in a horse race the winner is not determined by chance alone, as the condition, speed and endurance of the horse and the skill and management of the rider are factors affecting the result of the race. The bettor has the opportunity to exercise his judgment and discretion in determining the horse on which to bet.

Fanspole Fantasy "Game of skill"

In order to achieve success at the Fanspole Fantasy Games a user must have knowledge (gathered through systematic research), attention, experience and adroitness.

The skill element of Fantasy Games on Fanspole can be found in the aspect of "Drafting and Playing".

During drafting a user has to use his mind in selecting the players who will perform in todays match based on the rules of player selection. The rules further minimize instance of chance dictating the outcome. To select the best possible team he/she will have to research, analyse and track performances of his players which requires him to invest his/her time and effort.

*For these reasons, the determination of the outcome in Fanspole Fantasy Games is based on the predominance of skill over chance and it is our belief that the Fanspole Fantasy is conclusively a game of skill in the eyes of the law. Accordingly, the Fanspole Fantasy do not amount to ‘gambling’ under central and most state gambling statutes in India.

Apart from the PGA, which is a central legislation, several states across India have enacted and implemented State specific laws governing gambling, gaming and other similar or related activities. Where a state law on the subject exists, it supersedes the PGA.

While the PGA and most state statutes exempt games of 'mere skill’ from their purview, certain Indian states classify all games of mixed skill and chance as gambling regardless of whether skill is the predominant factor. In Assam and Orissa in particular, games of mixed chance and skill cannot be played for any monetary consideration. Therefore, unfortunately, we do not currently offer the paid formats of the Fanspole Fantasy Games to residents of Assam and Orissa but do make available the ‘free-to-play’ formats of the Fanspole Fantasy Games to such persons.


You can redeem your winning by one of the following ways:

  • 1) Bank Transfer:

    1) Inorder to use bank transfer you'll have to add your One-Time PAN Card Details in Account section. PAN Card acts as an id proof. This will make sure that your winnings are are being deposited in your bank account and there is no misuse. PAN Card approval might take upto 3 working days.
    2) After your PAN Card is approved you can enter your bank details from Redemptions tab in Account. Approval of Bank Details may take upto 3 working days.
    3) We have ensured secure access of your details, hence you'll have to go through one time setup process.
    4) Your details are transferred over secure "HTTPS" channel and we do not share them with any third party, Period. Hope you enjoy the feature. Cheers!

  • 2) Flipkart vouchers:

    You can get a Flipkart voucher in exchange of your Fanspole wallet money provided that your wallet balance is greater than or equal to 199Rs. The voucher will be emailed to you on your registered email id.

For now there are two redemption options. We are trying our best to add more.

You must have a valid email address inorder to redeem prizes.

You will receive a reference code on signing up on The reward you receive by referring other sign ups will only be for valid user email sign-ups. Money received through referral sign-ups can be decremented if the sign-up was done through an invalid email-id. Admins of site have the power to decrement wallet money received by referring other sigh-ups if found inappropriate without reasoning or prior notice.

Few big series are divided into phases. Number of phases in a series depends on total matches in the series.
Top three users in each phase will receive prizes.
Not all users play the entire series. Some users are late arrivals, giving them less matches to win the series. Hence, such users can play for a phase and lead it to take away phase winner prize.
Phase winner is the user who has most points in that phase. Phase points are calculated by adding all match points in that phase.
Gangs Information and how to create and join

    There are two types of Gangs: Private Gang and Public Gang


    Users can create private gang. To join a private gang you need to send join request to gang creator. The users who can join a private gang is controlled by gang creator.


    Users can create public gang. A gang code is generated once you create public gang which is displayed on the created gang's page. Anyone can join a public gang by using the gang code.

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