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admin  MI vs CSK Match
4 years ago
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joel12  Casinos are all gone and there is nothing on internet that will allow us to have what we want for . I think that it's wrong.
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joel12  All these matches were great but there was much to it then I was talking about essay vikings reviews. I think that we need to get it and we need to fix it like everyone else is doing. It will be great.
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veronicasalinas  MUM v CHE was such a great game to watch! I am glad that my mates at the site told me about this game beforehand, so that I could watch it on time. Otherwise, I would have missed the game.
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Royal King  First ball on target by malinga...
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Raj Sharma  great come back by csk
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Girish  2 back to back set batsmen are gone. Yeah!! Go Csk make this an interesting one
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Neel Shah   200+ its mumbai man now..
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Prakash  Rohit looks in good touch....
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rakshak  will make 100+
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Raj Sharma  2 min to go.........
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Rahul Gandhi  MI will win this IPL. Modi has done all setting to make sure Mukesh Ambani's team win IPL. Its Business man's IPL
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Suraj Savla  For MI acche din aayenge
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Prakash  Dude, how could have modi possibly done IPL finals setting?
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Raj Sharma  right suraj.......acche din aa gaye
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Neel Shah   Is it Big toss for CSK.. Dhoni chooses to bowl first anyways Rohit wanted to Bat first #Fanspole #bigFinal
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Royal King  nope Lindi will score 100+ today..
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Suraj Savla  great start by rohit
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rakshak  hope to put big score against csk....
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