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admin  India vs Bangladesh Match
1 year ago
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Santhosh T  GI rasool epdi irukinga.
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Kushal Deb  hoping for my captain RS Ashwin to strke
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Join 263495  please send scores
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Ankit Trivedi 1 come ....all the best every1
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choodamani  All the best guys😎😎😎
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Shehdad Badini  there will b tough for Bangladeshi team
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Deepak Sharma  Hello Admin! Kindly see my problem.which related to app. When i open my app .app gives so much junk to my phone. so thats y my app works slow . so please tell me what i do. today is game so i think u solve my problem before tonight game
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PRABA KARAN  how to create new league?
1 Like 2 Comments 1 year ago
Neel Shah   Create from website..
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PRABA KARAN  thanku neel
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Mohamed Rasul  even if India play carelessly will win this match bcz they r very strong.
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Sajid Ahmed  hope! bangladesh win!!!
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Deepak Sharma  India will win Asia Cup & Wt20
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Join 263495  All Of u join my league
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praveen kumar mahanthy  Really excited to play the game. Hope the team built will rock for sure
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Md. Akram Hossain  Looking forward for this match
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admin  Prizes distributed for Asia Cup are announced here: No one associated with Fanspole has hosted any leagues officially in Asia Cup and there will be no other prize distribution done apart from the Prizes officially displayed on the Prizes Page of the series. League Creators making such claim may lead to league termination. Avoid such claims while you create your leagues and Enjoy the games.
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jassu  can playing free league eligible for these prizes??
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admin  Hi Jassu, you'll win prizes based on your rank in the leaderboard, irrespective of whether you have joined free league or not.
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kunalcrocks  Please tell points system
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