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Deepak Sharma  kohli century WOW
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myahhamill  Well, I have no idea about it. I think you should ask about it on . You will get some answer there for sure.
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Ameya Gawde  I am not at home I seen the team u posted and taken the team and now iI am hearing that mandeep Is not playing if u ccan't give right team y u post it he was of750 instead of that I would have picked sarfaraz of 700 wtf
0 Like 7 Comments 3 years ago
Deepak Sharma  lol bawraa gaya hai kya. Admin Ko kya pataa thaa. Aur vaisai mairai sarfraz ki batting nahi aa rahi. Admin rahul kai point dai do. Kya yaar. Sarfraz kai point maang usnai 50 maar li toh usskai maang rahaa hai. bhai budget bacch bhi rahaa hotaa toh tu kisi bowler kai saath jaata
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Ameya Gawde  maine kedar ko liya qki rahul nhi tha keeper place pe warna rahul ko hi leta rahul pahele se batate toh mandeep n kedar ki jagah rahul ko leta aur koi ek leta
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Deepak Sharma  Bhai next time playing 11 cricinfo pai dekhiyo. Admin nai sahi playing 11 daali thi.per Last minute change hua thaa rahul kaa. toh ismai kisi ko blame mat ker.
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Ranjan kumar  1-37 2-Raina 3-0
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shan 1835  1wicket bravo will take
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Chinmay Mehta  Zero Kohli 3
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🦁🦁Sharan🦁🦁  Admin , All players are high priced low priced players aren't playing plz reduce cost of some players very hard to pick players
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Deepak Sharma  Admin! Iss match mai players ki values bahut zyada hai. please kuch players ki values kam karo
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Deepak Sharma  yes admin do something. Watson Abd Kohli Gayle Bravo Raina Finch Maccullam jadeja Steyn Please do something they all are 900+ player
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Deepak Sharma  how we maintain our team in budget.
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admin  Team selection for GL vs RCB is difficult, making it more challenging to play. All managers skills will be tested, so select your teams accordingly. All the best!
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shamiya  Join my league in ipl 264922
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