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admin  England vs Australia Match
4 years ago
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admin  England won the first Test quiet comfortably by 169 runs. Top five fantasy players after 1st Test are: 1) Joe Root: 531 points. 2) Moeen Ali: 413 points. 3) Mitchell Starc: 350 points. 4) Josh Hazellwood: 310 points. 4) Mitchell Johnson: 310 points. 5) Nathan Lyon: 307 points. 5) Stuart Broad: 307 points. Two ties for 4th and 5th position.
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admin  Third Day, Australia finishing quick with 308. Bell and Root collectively taking England to 289 with Lyon taking 4. Day three's play resulted in: 1) Joe Root (362 points): this guy doesn't want to leave the 1st spot. 2) Mitchell Starc (340 points): Two more wickets in 2nd innings. 3) Nathan Lyon (312 points): Taking 4 wickets. Australia needs to chase a mammoth 412 before England takes down 10. Day 4 awaits results.
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admin  Second Day, Ali taking England to 430 who was stopped by Starc finishing with 5. Rogers along with Clark and Smith taking Australia to 264/5. After day 2's action here are the top three: 1) Joe Root (253 points): No activity on day 2 but the century made a big mark. 2) Moeen Ali (239 points): Good all-round performance, 77 from bat and 2 wickets. 3) Mitchell Starc (212 points): 5 wickets, taking 2 on Day 2, retaining day 1's spot. Watson and Lyon will start the 3rd day.
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admin  Great first day play from England after 43/3. Joe 134 Root being the day saver along with Ballance 61 and Stokes 51 for England. For Australia it was Starc and Hazlewood to take down 3 each. The top three fantasy point scoring players for Day 1 were 1) Joe Root: 253 points (the hundred definitely helped) 2) Josh Hazlewood: 177 points (3 wickets with 8 maidens and eco:3.18) 3)Mitchell Starc: 137 points (3 wickets, 4 maidens and eco: 4.42) On the other hand despite scoring 61 Ballance is ranked 9th with 39 points. Day 2 awaits to turn the tables.
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Sanjog Patidar  eng all the way
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Fantay in our Blood  72615 JOIN THIS LEAGUE FRDS
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Sanjog Patidar  hey guys......
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krish  yea sanjog i saw.. nice team.. good points.
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krish  til 3 30 ist i guess
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Fantay in our Blood  72615 JOIN THIS LEAGUE FRDS
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