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thunder11  can i bid for only 11 players only?
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Siddanth Reddy  #IPL2019 #CricBattle has launched IPL Fantasy League. We offer customization of League rules and the IPL Playoff format support for the private leagues. Hurry up and contact us for more info. Please free to reach us out at [email protected],[email protected]
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reeree  This will be interesting to see what's new. Fun on biding.
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Bibek Gaire  How do u start auction
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Oanh Tran  If there are many sad stories, share it with the people you trust. Sharing helps people get closer together and you also relieve some of that sadness.
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Ella Scott  Amazing article thanks for sharing
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Bismillah Khan  hello admin Greme Crimer is in Comila but it indicate that he is in Dhaka pls correction this thank u
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joblessjack  What's the cut off time? I mean if the match is at 3PM and I want to release players from the team to accommodate players of tomorrow's match. At what time i can release? Or I need to wait till the game is complete?
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imsm45 Visit this website for Accurate Probable Xi Prediction. Fanspole Team prediction, Match Preview and much more....
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Rezuan chowdhury  Champions join our gang Gang code : 6181157 "Champions" for worldwide player, "Champions" for real champion 🏆 Gang moto : Pitch ours 😎💪💪💪
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Shafiq Shahzad  Admin please consider offering tournaments of higher Minimum Level then 1 in AUCTION OF CHAMPION TROPHY. it should be as Minimum Level 5,7,9,or 10,11 and so on it will make it more interesting and competitive.secondly correct spelling of Minimum Level : 1 not Minimin Level : 1
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Shafiq Shahzad  Admin thank you for accepting my proposal
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Avishek Bhadra  How to play this
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VINAY KEMNAIK  Is there any gift for winner?
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Shafiq Shahzad  there should be some gifts for winners
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smartdxtr  Join Smart owners tournament and start bidding
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Sanket Jain  will all players that we have picked in auction can play in a match or we have to select a 11??and captain also
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admin  Hi Sanket, you just need to bid for max 15 players. You will auto receive points for your players who played in a particular match.
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divyansh ag  In an auction, can you see that how much is the highest bid on a player??
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admin  You can see that after player allocation happens.
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divyansh ag  I think it would be beter if we cpould see that before the allocation.............that would be a big boost to this concept
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Pravin Mhatre  hiiiii I join fantancy league
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