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Welcome to Auction

Hi Owner, Welcome to Auction.

    Auction on Fanspole gives you a chance to be owner of a team for the entire season. Entirely new concept, designed for true team ownership experience provided by endless auctioning cycle throughout the series.

  • Every owner can bid for the players he wishes to own in his team.
  • After auction is concluded players are assigned based on the bids placed.
  • All owners are assigned a unique set of players i.e no two owners have the same player.

Let’s get Started.

Join Tournament:

    You can start by joining one of the public tournaments or if your friend has shared his tournament code, you can join a private one.

Being a team owner is not easy. To keep your head in the game, you can only join/create 5 tournament per series.

Join tournament
Create Tournament:
Create tournament

Enter a cool name, select max number of owners allowed in the tournament, auction window and privacy type.

Auction Window:

Once you have participated into a tournament, you can bid for players. Your players are assigned after auction window is concluded.

For eg: If your auction window is 6 hours, then players will be assigned to you based on your bid after every 6 hours after the tournament commences.

When does the tournament start?

First auction window starts after minimum 4 owners join the tournament.

Privacy Type:

You can create a private tournament and share the code with your friends to join or public tournament open for all to join.

After joining a tournament, you can proceed to Auction Block and start Bidding.

How Bidding Works
  • Each Owner is allocated an initial budget.
  • Each Player is assigned a Base Value.
  • You can bid for a player with an amount greater than or equal to base value.
  • Once bidded for a player, you cannot remove your bid until next auction round.
  • You can change your bid amount any number of times before the auction window concludes.
  • You can bid for as many players as you want but you are only assigned max 15 players priority based on “Base Value”.
Auction block

Once Bidded, you can see your active bids and modify them if needed before auction window concludes.

Active bids

After every auction window players are assigned based on your bids.

Player Assigning
How Player Assigning Works
  • One Owner can have max of 15 players
  • Only 4 star player per owner are allowed.
  • Owner with the highest bid on a player wins the bid.
  • If owner is already assigned 15 players then his bid is discarded and player is assigned to other owner or remains unsold.
  • Similarly if owner is already assigned 4 star players then his bid for the next star player is discarded and player is assigned to other owner or remains unsold.
  • Player assignment priority is based on “Base Value” of the players. So, if you are assigned 15 players already you might not get lower base value players.
  • In case of a tie in bid amount:
    • Tie breakers is resolved using Fanspole’s GiniPini Algorithm.
    • Player is randomly assigned one of the owners.
    • The owner which is assigned with the tie breaker player has now low probability of getting a player in the next tie breaker.
  • No two owners will have the same player.

After Players are assigned, you can check your current squad.

Current team

If your squad’s player is unfit you can release that player and use that amount to bid on new players.

After releasing a player owner will not be able to buy back the same player until 2 days post release.

There is no limit on the number of bids and releases made per tournament.

Point System
  • Points are awarded to your team after each match based on the same pointing system as used in Fanspole’s Fantasy Games.
  • Your team Before Match Start time is locked as your team for that match. (If match Start time is 8.00pm your team will be locked at 8.00pm)
  • Your team must be balanced before match time inorder to receive any points for that match.
  • Balance team criteria is as follows:
    1. You must have atleast 6 players who can bat
    2. You must have atleast 5 players who can bowl
    3. You need atleast one player who can keep
    4. Total players in your squad must be greater than or equal to 11.
  • You receive point for only the players who played in that match.
Balanced Team

Inorder to receive points for a match you need to have a balanced team before the match event time.

Balance team criteria is as follows:
  • You must have atleast 6 players who can bat
  • You must have atleast 5 players who can bowl
  • You need atleast one player who can keep
  • Total players in your squad must be greater than or equal to 11.

If your team is not balanced you won't receive any points for that match.

Member Profile

You can check your/other owners scorecard per match, failed bid history and current squad in members profile.


Fantasy Cricket Forums

joblessjack  What's the cut off time? I mean if the match is at 3PM and I want to release players from the team to accommodate players of tomorrow's match. At what time i can release? Or I need to wait till the game is complete?
0 Like 0 Comments 15 days ago
imsm45 Visit this website for Accurate Probable Xi Prediction. Fanspole Team prediction, Match Preview and much more....
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Rezuan chowdhury  Champions join our gang Gang code : 6181157 "Champions" for worldwide player, "Champions" for real champion 🏆 Gang moto : Pitch ours 😎💪💪💪
0 Like 0 Comments 25 days ago
Shafiq Shahzad  Admin please consider offering tournaments of higher Minimum Level then 1 in AUCTION OF CHAMPION TROPHY. it should be as Minimum Level 5,7,9,or 10,11 and so on it will make it more interesting and competitive.secondly correct spelling of Minimum Level : 1 not Minimin Level : 1
0 Like 1 Comments 29 days ago
Shafiq Shahzad  Admin thank you for accepting my proposal
0 Like 28 days ago
0 Like 0 Comments 1 month ago
Avishek Bhadra  How to play this
0 Like 0 Comments 1 month ago
VINAY KEMNAIK  Is there any gift for winner?
0 Like 1 Comments 1 month ago
Shafiq Shahzad  there should be some gifts for winners
0 Like 29 days ago
smartdxtr  Join Smart owners tournament and start bidding
0 Like 0 Comments 2 months ago
Sanket Jain  will all players that we have picked in auction can play in a match or we have to select a 11??and captain also
0 Like 1 Comments 2 months ago
admin  Hi Sanket, you just need to bid for max 15 players. You will auto receive points for your players who played in a particular match.
0 Like 2 months ago
divyansh ag  In an auction, can you see that how much is the highest bid on a player??
2 Like 2 Comments 2 months ago
admin  You can see that after player allocation happens.
0 Like 2 months ago
divyansh ag  I think it would be beter if we cpould see that before the allocation.............that would be a big boost to this concept
1 Like 2 months ago
Pravin Mhatre  hiiiii I join fantancy league
0 Like 0 Comments 2 months ago
Sanket Jain  how can we get a player which other player has bought?
0 Like 3 Comments 2 months ago
Neel Shah   You have to wait for them to release that player
0 Like 2 months ago
Sanket Jain  Admin please consider the option of dividing the tournament in 3 or 4 rounds so that everyone has chance to buy players if they camt get in 1st very rarely someone will release kohli abd or warner
0 Like 2 months ago
admin  Owners will have to keep updating their squad to suit for the next upcoming match. Also owners are only allowed to keep 4 star players in the team at a time.
0 Like 2 months ago
Afiqur Rahman  Grandhome koi?
0 Like 0 Comments 2 months ago
Palash Agrawal  How do transfers work in auction style? What happens to salary cap when you release or transfer a player?
0 Like 1 Comments 2 months ago
admin  When you release a player, it is available for other owners to bid. You cannot bid on the released player for two days.
0 Like 2 months ago
Nazmus Sakib Sunny  Why isn't there any option of editing the transfer window duration? Very much frustrating :/
0 Like 1 Comments 2 months ago
admin  Thanks for the feedback, we'll consider adding edit auction window option.
0 Like 2 months ago
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