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Hello Managers, we have been receiving good feedback from all of you and are planing to add two new changes to the platform starting from next series.

  1. Team Management Time: Not all managers are able to change their teams after toss when playing 11 are declared, we have decided to lock all teams 30 minutes before the match starts.
  2. Team Visibility: Your teams will be publicly visible only after match lock time. So, managers will not be able to see other teams before match starts.

We would like to hear from you about the changes. Would you like to have them? Also, if you have more suggestions, post them below.

Thanks and Happy Managing.

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Prashanth Madival  Pls join my league for india Vs England t 20 4309783 dis my code
1 Like 0 Comments 9 months ago
Varun Sheth  Hey @ admin, This post regarding 2nd odi match between India vs England. I Joined in 11 rs 2 members paid league but as u Joined i found total 3 members in 2 members paid league 1 Arjun rathi and 2 pooja mayekar and pooja won the league but she received only 20 rs.. total paid league moneys were 33 rs you should provided to 2nd position that rest of money or provided to pooja more money. This is second time I am facing paid leagues issue in Fanspole.. kindly check this prob and provide rest of money to Me (2nd position) in a particular league or too the winner.
1 Like 5 Comments 9 months ago
Varun Sheth  This is technical error so you have to credit 11 rs to me or pooja.. Arjun doesn't deserve any amount
0 Like 9 months ago
admin  Hi Varun, we have resolved the issue and refunded the entry fees.
0 Like 9 months ago
Varun Sheth  ADMIN why u credited the rs to Arjun?? We joined same time... You should refund to 2nd place. It is completely unfair @Admim
0 Like 8 months ago
Prashanth Madival  Hello friends join my league for big bash T20 league My code is 4664233 😇
0 Like 4 Comments 10 months ago
Piyush  bpl ki puri series mein mere 2-3 players har bar playing 11 mein nhi hote the kyoki bpl live tv pe dikhate nahi hai
0 Like 10 months ago
Piyush  and cricbuzz ke application pe bhi team last 1 min rh jata hai jab aati hai
0 Like 10 months ago
Piyush  jis wajah se last match mein mere bravo russel bahar ho gye
0 Like 10 months ago
Prashanth Madival  Hi friends please join my league for New Zealand and Australia matches my code is 4585551
0 Like 1 Comments 10 months ago
niraj thakkar  how to join ur league
0 Like 10 months ago
Prashanth Madival  Hi friends please join my league for New Zealand and Australia matches my code is 4554855
0 Like 0 Comments 10 months ago
Prashanth Madival  Join my league for New Zealand and pakistan for win my code is 4412249
0 Like 0 Comments 11 months ago
Prashanth Madival  join my league for win my code is 4412249
0 Like 0 Comments 11 months ago
Vignesh Kumar  Admin! I don't have pan card!
0 Like 1 Comments 11 months ago
jeeta singh  How to recharge..admin
0 Like 11 months ago
praveen raj  Pan card type not possible Plz change the type!!
0 Like 0 Comments 1 year ago
Vignesh Kumar  Please change the pan card type and make the recharge type straightly.9 0% of them don't know to recharge.Please make it how it was before!!!Plz!!!!
0 Like 5 Comments 1 year ago
praveen raj  plz make how it was before
0 Like 1 year ago
praveen raj  admin change the type,of recharging!!!!m
0 Like 1 year ago
praveen raj  plz!!!
0 Like 1 year ago
Amol Chaudhari  These are good changes, kudos to you! But previously I had posted regarding your scoring system, wherein during test matches you give negative points to batsmen for slow strike rate, which is rather absurd in test cricket. You have not responded me about that. Ind Vs NZ second test, Vijay scored 9 runs and still got negative points, where is the fairness in that. Because of this very reason, I had stopped playing your game, and shifted to fandromeda. Now because of a friend I am back playing your game after a long hiatus, but I dont think I can continue playing because of this completely illogical scroing system. Also you guys dont respond to any of such suggestions I have given in the past. If you disagree, with suggestion, say so, but be responsive.
1 Like 0 Comments 1 year ago
vignesh es  How to recharge?
0 Like 0 Comments 1 year ago
Varun Sheth  Dear Admin, please add wining paid league of England vs Pakistan 3rd odi because winners are already declared and that money we want to use in Srilanka vs Aus... Please do ASAP
0 Like 0 Comments 1 year ago
<3 G.M.SIKANDAR <3  are you hosting CPL series????
1 Like 1 Comments 1 year ago
Deeban Kumar  Plz join my gang, code is 4806596
0 Like 10 months ago
sonuibs  sl v Ireland is not reflecting can you please check
1 Like 3 Comments 1 year ago
admin  Hi Sonuibs, we are not hosting SL vs Ireland series.
0 Like 1 year ago
Deepak Sharma  this is good series. Y u did not host associate games. if ant test playing country playing with associate. so i have a request add that series in fanspole
0 Like 1 year ago
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